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Tender Details
Organization Details
Organization Name:
Strada Florilor,
Localitatea: Rovinari,
Cod Postal: 215400,
Contact : Negreanu Gheorghe
Tel : +40-253371095
Fax : +40-0253371004
E-Mail: apfe@primariarovinari.ro
Website : http://www.primariarovinari.ro/

Contact Person: -
Tender Details
MT Ref ID: MTF08815
Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice
Type of Tender: International Competitive Bidding
Tender Notice No: 157693
Tenders are invited for Purchasing Medical Equipment Hospital Ambulatory Town Rovinari

Procurement Providing Products Shall Be in Accordance with Specifications Specifications, the Acquisition Component of the Project Grant Related Rehabilitation, Modernization and Equipping of the City Hospital Ambulatory Specialist Rovinari Smis Code 16654. the Provision Requires the Delivery of Medical Equipment, Such as (Biometru, Fast Sterilizer Instruments, Arthroscope, Etc).

Total quantity or scope: Providing medical equipment in accordance with the provisions required by the specifications, as well as respecting the requirements imposed by its associated Data Sheets
Estimated value excluding VAT: 1,889,703 RON

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 04.21.2015 10:00

Conditions for opening tenders: Date: 04/21/2015 12:00

Language or languages in which may be tender or to participate: Romanian Currency of the price offer: USD

Division into lots: Not

Deposits and guarantees required: The amount of participation guarantee is 36,000 lei. The constitution~s guarantee: - bank transfer; - Guarantee instrument issued under the law of a banking company or an insurance company presented in the original; - Payment order confirmed by the issuing bank; - Cash deposited with the cashier unit. For a unitary evaluation and reporting of the amount of guarantees for participation established in another currency, the conversion will use Leu exchange / currency other NBR since publication of the invitation, available at www.bnr.ro. Sign in to submit a bid bond is opened at the Treasury RO60TREZ3405006XXX000402 Rovinari. Evidence of the Participation Guarantee shall be submitted no later than the opening of tenders and does not introduce envelope. The validity of the tender guarantee shall be at least equal to the bid validity period. The contracting authority will retain the guarantee for participation, the bidder lose the amount established when the latter is in any of the following situations: a) withdraws its bid during the period of validity; b) the tender is successful, the performance guarantee is not within the validity period of the offer and in any case not later than 15 days after signing the contract, if applicable; c) bid being successful, refuses to sign the public procurement contract during the validity period of the tender amount GBE is 10% of CTR provided without the constant TVAModul GBE: an instrument of guarantee issued under the law of a shock. bank or an insurance soc.de, which becomes Annex to ctr. How const. is set in acc. with prev.art.90, alin.1-3din GD no.925 / 2006, which mentions that, usually, GBE is constituted by a guarantee instrument issued under the law of a shock. bank or a shock. insurance, which becomes Annex to ctr.Daca parties agree, GBE can be and through successive deductions from amount
Deadline: 21 April 2015
Soft Copy: Click here to view Original DocumentOriginal Document

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