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Terms and conditions-

Acceptance of terms
The following terminology applies to these terms and conditions (The terms), Privacy statement and Disclaimer Notice and all Agreements: "Client", "You", "Your" refers to you, the person accessing this website and accepting these terms and conditions. "The Company" "we" "us" "I" "Medicaltenders team" "WIP" "World Info Pages" refers to our company. By registering/ subscribing to this service you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions set forth below.

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This service may be accessed only through a login and a password. By agreeing to the terms, you agree that the login and password will not be shared with others. The login and password are for a single user. The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login and password. The user shall be responsible for all logins from their id, whether authorized or not. Unauthorized login or login by multiple users will lead to termination of account.

Conditions of use
The user agrees not to use the website for any unlawful purpose or for any purpose prohibited by the terms. The user shall not copy the material except for personal use. The user shall not be permitted to republish the information without prior permission of WIP.

The user agrees not to use any software for downloading the documents/notices/summaries.

Fair Usage Policy
If the user downloads/views more than 100 documents/notices a day, the account automatically gets suspended. If found documents downloaded are from one sector only and for personal use of the user, WIP shall activate the account within 72 hours of getting suspended. If the User is found guilty of downloading more than 100 documents/notices a day from multiple sectors, the account shall get permanently deactivated and WIP will not refund any amount and has the right to take legal action.

If a user publishes/advertises his tenders or business, Medicaltenders team does not give any kind of guarantee on the accuracy or correctness of the information and does not guarantee any kind of returns.

Medicaltenders team retains all client records and they are not divulged to any third party. In case of a vendor, the information is divulged only with prior permission. The users are required to retain all communication with the Medicaltenders team. In case the client loses the communication, Medicaltenders team can provide the copy of the same.

The user can make the payment only through Bank Transfer, Paypal, Cheques and Demand Draft. Medicaltenders has the right to recover the amount in case of a default.

Cancellation policy
A user can cancel his subscription anytime if the account has not been activated or within 3 days of activation if the user has not logged in even once. A charge of 10% will be imposed in case of cancellation due to the fluctuation of currency rates and paypal/bank charges. A user cannot cancel the subscription if the user has logged in the account or after a period of 3 days from the date of activation.

Termination of agreement and refund policy
Both the client and company can terminate the account with a prior notice.

Terms and conditions of use
Read the terms carefully before using the site. If you do not agree with the terms, do not use the site. WIP has the right to alter the terms.

Restrictions on use of materials
WIP and its partners have copyright over the material available on the site. The information downloaded or viewed should only be for personal use and should not be republished or sold except without prior permission. The site is controlled and operated by WIP from its office in Indore, India.

Disclaimers and limitation of liability
Read all tender notices carefully. There may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information provided due to the large number of sources for procuring the information. WIP provides the services on as is basis and gives no guarantee on accuracy, correctness or completeness of the information. By agreeing to the terms, you are indemnifying WIP from any and all losses that can occur while using the service. In case of any claim arising, the amount of compensation provided by WIP shall not be greater than the amount paid for the service by the user.

Changes to website and services
WIP holds the right to make changes (temporary or permanent) to the website without any prior notice. WIP can change or discontinue any service. WIP can change the pricing without giving any prior notice. WIP reserves the right to change or remove any promotional offers.
WIP can change any clause of the agreement at any point of time and the continued use of website would imply acceptance to the changes in the agreement.

By agreeing to these terms, you indemnify, hold harmless, WIP and all employees from all liabilities or legal fees in relation to any claim arising out of the usage of the website.

In case any provision of the agreement is deemed to be void, voidable or unenforceable by any judicial or competent authority, WIP shall amend the said provision. The remaining provisions shall remain effective and in full force.

Applicable law and dispute resolution-
Hon’ble High Court of Indore has jurisdiction over all claims arising due to the usage of the services provided by WIP. All claims shall be subject to arbitration.

Headings are included in the agreement for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this agreement.

Please also read the Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy


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Medical Tender notifications Public Tenders

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